The Voice Of Music Begins With Heather Hobbs

Listen To Indiana's Hottest new artist

Music moves us, uplifts us, and inspires us to make the most out of each and every day. If you’re looking for a new artist to add to your listening -rotation, you need to check out Heather Hobbs! Heather Hobbs is Indiana’s new up-and-coming artist, and the new, inspired sounds that she’s bringing to the airwaves are sure to change the face of music forever. Read on to learn more about Heather Hobbs, and listen to all of her latest music on Spotify!


Multi-Genre Talent

After starting her singing career at eight years old, Heather Hobbs became enamored with the unique and meaningful sounds of pop, hip-hop, R&B, and country music. Heather dove headfirst into her passions and took the time to understand these genres so she could incorporate them into her music and infuse them with her own unique sound.

Heather Hobbs playing the acoustic guitar

Fueled by Passion

From an early age, Heather Hobbs was taught the importance of perseverance and the value of believing in yourself no matter the situation. Heather’s mother instilled these values in her, and her mother’s recent passing has only reinforced their importance. The American singer-songwriter’s music reminds listeners of what they are capable of when times get rough.


Inspiring Others

Since the beginning, Heather Hobbs has gone above and beyond to not only make great music, but to be a positive role model in her community. By sharing her life story through her music, Heather reaches out to the humanity in us all and inspires us to choose strength and connection in the face of overwhelming circumstances.

A microphone on a stand with shining stage lights in the background

A Sound Like No Other

If you are looking for a unique and refreshing sound, look no further than Heather Hobbs. A dedicated student of the musical greats who came before her, the American singer-songwriter’s inventive style, stirring lyrics, and powerful vocal qualities make her a force to be reckoned with.

Don’t miss out on Indiana’s latest up-and-coming artist! Check out her latest music on Spotify to see for yourself why Heather Hobbs is taking the music industry by storm.