Listen to Heather Hobbs’ New Single: Keep Your Head Up High

Listen to Heather Hobbs’ New Single: Keep Your Head Up High

Heather Hobbs' new single "Keep Your Head Up High" is a beautiful and inspiring ballad that will encourage you to stay strong no matter what life throws your way. Heather's gorgeous voice will lift your spirits and remind you that there's always hope for better days ahead. This song is sure to become a favorite of anyone who hears it — learn more about Heather Hobbs and her new song, "Keep Your Head Up High," below and give it a listen today!


Who is Heather Hobbs?

Heather Hobbs is an up-and-coming, multi-genre artist who makes music with a passion and purpose. Her music is full of heart and soul and it is clear that she puts a lot of thought and passion into her work. Her new single "Keep Your Head Up High" is a motivating and encouraging anthem for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up.


Music With a Meaning

Heathers Hobbs' music is driven by her strong character and beautiful soul. Life has thrown things her way that many have yet to experience and many have experienced, but her message to keep your head up high resonates with everyone. She has a lot to say and her music is a way for her to share her message with the world. Heather's songs are full of hope, love, and positivity — perfect for anyone who needs an uplifting message in their life.


Heather's Music

The music from Heather Hobbs spans many genres. From her soft pop hit, "Angels", to her inspiring R&B song, "Independent Ladies", she has something for everyone. With her newest single, "Keep Your Head Up High", Heather Hobbs dipped back into her country roots to create a song that is sure to be an encouragement to anyone who hears it. This song has a beautiful message and a catchy melody that will stay with you long after the song is over.


Listen Now!

Go check out the latest single from Heather Hobbs, "Keep Your Head Up High," to experience Indiana's hottest new artist! This track is sure to get you moving and keep you inspired all day long!

"Keep Your Head Up High", as well as the rest of Heather's discography, is available now on all major streaming platforms. Follow the links below to listen on your favorite platform or visit Heather's site, I Am Heather, today!