Heather Hobbs Announces Concert on August 27th at Silver Center

If you’re looking for the perfect event to close out the summer, Heather Hobbs at Silver Center in Indianapolis is it!

Heather Hobbs, an Indianapolis native, is excited to announce that she will performing at Silver Center this month, where she will perform a brand-new single that fans will be able to hear for the first time. The concert is called Summer Jam and it’s going to be Indianapolis’ hottest end-of-the-summer party!

Not only will you get to party with Hobbs, but the incredibly talented Tink will be there, too! Heather will come on stage before Tink to energize the crowd with her electrifying music and get the party started the right way.

If you aren’t familiar with Heather’s music yet, you can listen to her last single “Independent Ladies,” on her website www.iamheatherhobbs.com. She also sells her own merch that would be perfect attire for the Summer Jam concert.

Who is Heather Hobbs?

Hobbs’ always knew that she wanted to be a singer. When she was only eight years old, she envisioned herself touring the world and singing her heart out to packed-full arenas. She didn’t waste any time getting her career started – she joined the choir and started taking vocal lessons so she could become the best she could be.

Throughout Heather’s singing career, her mother has been her biggest supporter – even when times were tough. Heather has seen her mom push through illness and many other struggles, but never once saw her give up. This instilled a sense of determination and strength in Heather that caused her to never, ever give up on herself or her career. Her mother wanted to see her succeed and Heather works hard to make her proud.

“Independent Ladies” is an ode to Heather’s mom and all the lessons she taught Heather. Heather hopes that women and girls of all ages hear the song and feel empowered to take on the world – even if they must do it alone.

Heather’s Career

Heather has performed in talent shows and a variety of live performances throughout Indiana. She even performed at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2020! She is currently working on lots of new and exciting things for 2021 and beyond.

Make sure you catch Heather Hobbs and Tink at Silver Center on August 27th at 8PM! And stay tuned to Heather’s blog for more updates on her life and career.